Kai Kit Prostate Gland Granulated Powder

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Kai Kit San (Prostate Gland Powder)

Extra Strength KAI KIT, Made With Concentrated Herbal Extracts

Note that there are several brands of KAI KIT available, and they are not all the same.  Formulas can differ considerably, so you may want to try them separately to discover the one that suits you best.  

KAI KIT Prostate Formula

Indications for Use 


  • Tonifies Kidney QI
  • Tonifies Spleen QI
  • Vitalizes Blood
  • Encourages Flow of Qi and Blood
  • Supports Normal Prostate Function
  • Supports Normal Urination


KAI KIT Ingredients

  1. SHU DI HUANG - foxglove root prepared
  2. HUANG QI - astagalus root
  3. DANG SHEN - codonopsis root
  4. WANG BU LIU XING - vaccaria seed
  5. MU TONG - caulus akebia
  6. PU HUANG - pollen
  7. CHE QIAN ZI - plantago seed
  8. MU XIANG - auckandia root
  9. YAN HU SUO - corydalis rhizome


KAI KIT Safety and Cautions

Do Not Use for Prostate Cancer.

KAI KIT WAN is intended for health care professionals or for those knowledgeable of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
TCM is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't usually recommended.
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Kai Kit Prostate Powder Dosage:

Stir into warm water.

1 - 4 grams, 1-2 times a day, or as prescribed



*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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