Rabdosia Prostate Pills 90 tabs

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Rabdosia Prostate Pills


  • Dampness and pain in the urogenital area

Chinese Therapeutic Effects of Rabdosia Prostate Pills

  • Clears Dampness & Heat
  • Cools and Vitalizes Blood
  • Disperses Swelling, Resolves Toxins

Rabdosia Prostate Ingredients:

Rabdosia Rucescens Oldenlandia herb Isatis leaf
Scutellaria root Peony tree bark Paris rhizome
Licorice root Ox Knee root Zedoary rhizome
Lindera root Saw Palmetto berry Amber
Ganoderma Lucidum

Rabdosia Prostate Practitioner Notes

  • Formulated to assist men with elevated PSA. It is emphatically recommended that the patient remain under close supervision of their medical doctor.
  • The formula combines a Western herb, saw palmetto, with a number of Chinese herbs used in recent years to treat prostate cancer or elevated PSA.


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