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Zuo Gu Shen Jing Tong Pian (Wan)



Treats Bi Syndrome aka Painful Obstruction.

Bi Syndrome is caused by a combination of atmospheric Wind, Dampness, Cold, or Heat obstructing the channels and causing Qi of Blood Stagnation, pain, or weakness or numbness in the legs. This can be diagnosed in Western medicine  as sciatica, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral neuropathy.


ZUO GU SHEN JING TONG PIAN scours the channels, relaxes the tendons and muscles, strengthens the bones and tendons, dispels cold and damp, and tonifies the Kidneys.

It's a blend of eleven Chinese herbs which relieve pain by dispelling stasis and clearing obstructions from the channels. The herbs can be divided into 3 groups.

1. Herbs that vitalize Qi and Blood to remove stasis, including Ru Xiang (Boswellia) and Mo Yao (Myrrh). These herbs have a strong analgesic effect.  Yan Hu Suo (Corydalis root) and Chuan Xiong (Szechuan Lovage rhizome) assist by also activating Qi and Blood to relieve pain. Jiang Huang (Turmeric) also relieves pain and reduces inflammation.  Ba Ji Tian (Morinda) strengthens the sinews and bones.

2.  Herbs that Expel Wind-dampness, open the channels and relax the muscles and tendons. Xi Xian Cao (Siegesbeckia) and Wei Ling Xian (Clematis root) are combined to relieve muscle pains, spasms and cramps. Shen Jin Cao (Lycopodium) dispels damp, and also relaxes the tendons, and opens the channels.

3.  Herbs that Build blood and relieve pain. Ji Xue Teng (Spatholobis stem) Tonifies the blood, relaxes the tendons, and opens the channels. Shu Di Huang (processed Rehmannia root) tonifies the Kidneys  and Blood, strengthening the lower back and legs. 


Zuo Gu Shen Jing Tong Pian (Wan) Dosage

The standard dosage for Sciaticlear™ is 6 tablets or pills taken 2 to 3 times daily. One bottle lasts users about 11 to 17 days.


The dose may be doubled for a quicker and stronger response as needed (e. g., in an acute phase). Consult your practitioner for precise dosage recommendations based on body weight and other factors.

A proprietary blend of

Resina Boswelliae Carterii
Resina Comiphorae Myrrhae
Caulis Spatholobi
Rhizoma Corydalis
Radix Morindae Officinalis
Herba Siegesbeckiae
Radix Clematidis
Rhizoma Curcumae Longae
Radix Rehmanniae Preparata
Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong
Herba Lycopodii
(Ru Xiang)
(Mo Yao)
(Ji Xue Teng)
(Yan Hu Suo)
(Ba Ji Tian)
(Xi Xian Cao)
(Wei Ling Xian)
(Jiang Huang)
(Shu Di huang)
(Chuan Xiong)
(Shen Jin Cao)


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