Xiao Xu Ming Tang - Minor Prolong Life Formula

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Xiao Xu Ming Tang

Minor Prolong Life Formula

Botanical PinYin %
Liguisticum rhizome Chuan Xiong 
Stephaniae Tetrandrae root Han Fang Ji 10
Almond kernel  Xing Ren  5
Saposhnikoviae root Fang Feng  15
Fresh Ginger root Sheng Jiang  15
Codonopsis root  Dang Shen  10
Prepared Aconite root Fu Zi  10
Cinnamon bark Rou Gui  10
White Peony root Bai Shao  5
Skullcap root Huang Qin  10
Licorice root Gan Cao  5

* Ephedra is omitted as it is a banned substance

Xiao Xu Ming Tang Uses

  • Warms the channels and collaterals
  • Unblocks Yang Qi
  • Dispels Internal Wind
  • Ease spasms
  • Windstroke from Exterior Wind-Cold Attack combined with Qi Deficiency
  • Wind combined with Damp-Phlegm


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