Shen Clinic Stop Smoking Granules

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Compare with the famous formula, West Lake Stop Smoking Tea:

West Lake Stop Smoking Tea

This tea is said to be the legendary Tea of Fog Mountain, which was used to stop opium addiction in the 19th century

Directions for Use

Use one tea bag bag per cup. Take 2-3 cups each day. Course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Ingredients of West Lake Stop Smoking Tea

  1. REN SHEN YE, ginseng leaves 
  2. LIAN ZI, lotus seeds
  3. TIAN MEN DONG, asparagus roots
  4. BING LANG, betel nuts.

Shen Clinic Stop Smoking Tea

Directions for Use

Stir 1 teaspoon of granules in hot water and drink. Take 2-3 times per day to prevent the urge to smoke; A course of treatment should take about 1 month.


Ingredients Equal amounts of:

  1. SANG YE, mulberry leaves. - 25%
  2. LIAN ZI, lotus seeds. - 25%
  3. TIAN MEN DONG, asparagus roots. - 25%
  4. BING LANG, betel nuts - 25%


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