Uro-Flow Powder | Compare to Akebia Moist Heat or Ba Zheng San

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Uro-Flow Powder

Compare to Akebia-Moist Heat

Derived from historical formula BA ZHENG SAN, This formula is used to Clear Heat and Dampness in the Lower Burner. 

The chief herb, akebia caulis (MU TONG), is categorized as an "Herb that Promotes the Flow of Water".   It is unclear if these herbs act to stimulate urine production or promote urine flow.  It is unknown if the 'movement of water' includes flushing out of harmful evils such as viruses, bacteria, and even kidney stones. Such evil accumulations produce conditions known as Damp Heat. 

The Lower Burner includes organs associated with the urinary and reproductive systems.

Other herbs in the formula such as pyrrosia (SHI WEI),  gardenia (ZHI ZI)‚ rhubarb (DA HUANG), and talcum (HUA SHI) also clear heat from the lower burner.

Akebia Moist Heat's TCM Uses and Properties

  • Supports Normal Urinary Function
  • Clears heat from the lower burner (urinary tract)
  • Supports the elimination of small kidney stones


When Not To Use Akebia Moist Heat:  Safety Cautions and Contraindications

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their health care provider before taking any supplement.

This supplement is designed for use by practitioners trained in the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  TCM can be very potent, but it can also be complex; Self diagnosis and treatment are not recommended.  Best to find a nearby practitioner.  Or, you may start an e-mail or phone consultation at online-herbal-consultation




Akebia Moist Heat Ingredients:

  1. Akebia Trifoliata caulis MU TONG
  2. Pyrrosia leaf SHI WEI
  3. Plantago seed CHE QIAN ZI
  4. Dianthus herb QU MAI
  5. Lygodium spore HAI JIN SHU
  6. Gardenia fruit ZHI ZI
  7. Talcum HUA SHI
  8. Rush pith DENG XING CAO
  9. Licorice root GAN CAO
  10. Vladimiria root MU XIANG
  11. Rhubarb rhizome DA HUANG 

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