SHEN MI TANG 神秘湯 - Mysterious Decoction

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Mysterious Formula

SHEN MI TANG Uses and Indications

  • Disperses Wind-Cold
  • Directs Qi downward, and releases constraint
  • For wheezing and an unproductive cough with an unconfortable sensation in the chest
  • difficult breathing especially when lying down
  • Rough sound invthe throat

SHEN MI TANG Ingredients

Ma Huang (N/A) Ephedrae Herba
Xing Ren Armeniacae Semen
Hou Po Magnoliae officinalis Cortex
Chen Pi Citri reticulatae Pericarpium
Zhi Gan Cao Glycyrrhizae Radix preparata
Chai Hu Bupleuri Radix
Zi Su Ye Perillae Folium


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