SANG XING TANG - Mulberry Leaf and Apricot Kernel. Choose Herb Granules or Whole Herbs

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Mulberry Leaf and Apricot Kernel Formula

Choose: SANG XING TANG made with Concentrated Granules (dissolves in water); or as Quality Whole Herbs (requires boiling)

Used for cough due to common cold, particularly cough with Hot Phlegm.  The formula also helps to sustain Lung YIN, which can be depleted as fluids are used to purge the pathogen.


SANG XING TANG's Ingredients

Sang Ye

(mulberry leaf)    (Fol. Mori Albae)
Zhi Zi  (gardenia seed Fr. Gardenia Jasminoidis
Dan Dou Chi

 (fermented soybean) Semen Sojae Praeparatum
Xing Ren  (apricot seed kernel) Sem. Pruni Armeniacae
Zhe Bei Mu 

(fritillary bulb) Bulb. Fritillaria Thunbergii
Bei Sha Shen 

(Glenia root) (Rx Glehniae Littoralis)


Safety and Cautions for SANG XING TANG

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their health care provider before taking any supplement.

SANG XING TANG s intended for those knowledgeable in the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Though it is generally considered safe, pregnant women are advised to consult with their health care providers before using any supplement. Traditional Chinese Medicine, when used properly, is powerful and reliable, but it can also be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious illness. To insure the best outcome and minimize the chance of side effects, it's best to Find a Local Practitioner or Start an E-mail Consultation now.

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