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prunella 8

Prunella 8 / Jia Kang Pian

A Chinese Herbal Medicine by Seven Forest

Prunella 8 is designed for practitioners skilled in the use of Traditionl Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Self-treatment isn't recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious conditions.
To insure the best outcome, minimize the cost, and avoid side effects, seek professional assistance.

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Indications for Using Prunella 8

  • Fatty Lumps
  • Supports Normal Thyroid Function

Prunella 8'S TCM Uses And Properties

  • Clears Yin Deficiency Heat
  • Resolve Swellings
  • Tonifies Qi And Blood

Prunella 8 Dosage

2-3 tablets, three times per day, best when hungry, or as prescribed

Prunella 8 Ingredients

Xia Ku Cao Prunella Spica Flower 25%
Huang Qi (Bei) Astragalus Root 20%
He Shou Wu Polygonum Root 15%
Bai Shao Peony (White) 10%
Sheng Di Huang Rehmannia (Fresh) 10%
Xiang Fu Cyperus Rhizome 10%
Mu Dan Pi (Su) Moutan 5%
Bai Jie Zi Mustard Seed 5%

This supplement is intended for health care professionals educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM can be very powerful, and it can also be complex; Self diagnosis and self treatment are not recommended. Best to find a nearby practitioner of TCM. If none are available, you may purchase an e-mail/phone consultation at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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