PAI QI YIN 排氣飲 - Discharge Gas Decoction Formula

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PAI QI YIN: For epigastric and abdominal bloating and distention resulting from disruption in the flow of Qi from obstruction due to dampness, reberious Qi, and food stagnation.

PAI QI YIN TCM Functions

  • Regulates the Qi
  • Dries dampness
  • Resolve food stagnation

PAI QI YIN Ingredients

Ze Xie water plantain
Huo Xiang patchouli
Hou Po magnolia bark
Chen Pi aged citrus peel
Zhi Ke bitter orange peel
Xiang Fu cyperus, nut-grass rhizome
Mu Xiang costus root
Wu Yao lindera root


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