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Mobility 2 - Health Concerns

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Shen Clinic TCM Advice

Supports Healthy Joints

Mobility 2 is designed help maintain good muscle, tendon, and joint health. It contains a blend of Chinese herbs which may help to reduce discomfort by dispelling Wind-Damp Painful Obstruction.

The chief ingredient in Mobility 2 is clematis (WEI LING XIAN)‚ which, combined with CHIANG-HUO and achyranthes (NIU XI), aims to relieve both the upper body and lower body. Mobility-2 may also play a role in relieving symptoms of gout, which occurs from the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joint.  Gout may occur from an overly rich diet, which is why it has been considered a "rich man's disease". 

Mobility-2 may also address some kinds of numbness or tingling in the legs and feet by supporting normal blood and QI circulation.


Mobility 2 Uses

  • Supports normal joint and tendon function
  • Inflammation

Mobility 2's TCM Properties

  • Relieves Surface
  • Dispels Wind Damp
  • Promotes The Flow Of Water
  • Vitalizes Blood

Mobility 2 Doses

2 to 4 tablets three times a day, best on an empty stomach; or as prescribed

Company: Health Concerns
Portion Size: 3 Tablets 
Portions per Bottle: 90
Tablets per Bottle: 270 Capsules
Cost per Serving: $0.67
Cost per Tablet: $0.22

Safety Cautions and Contraindications of Mobility-2

Mobility-2 is designed for use by health care professionals. Self diagnosis and treatment aren't recommended for difficult, chronic, or reoccurring conditions. Best to find a practitioner.  If you live in the USA, you can find a nearby TCM practitioner at  Or you may obtain an on-line consultation and herbal prescription at Online-Herbal-Consultation.

Mobility 2 Ingredients

BAI ZHI Angelica Dahurica Expel Damp, Relieve Surface
BAI ZHU Atractylodes (Alba) Expel Damp, Tonify QI
CHEN PI Citrus Peel Expel Damp, Tonify QI
CHI SHAO Red Peony root Move Blood, Clear Heat (inflammation)
Chuan Xiong Ligusticum Move Blood in Upper Body
Dang Gui  Tangkuei Tonify and Move Blood
Fang Feng Siler Relieve Surface, Expel Cold Pathogen
Fu Ling Poria Drain Damp, Harmonize Herbs
Gan Cao Licorice Harmonize Herbs, Tonifies QI
Gan Jiang Dry Ginger Warms Interior, Dispels Cold
Niu Xi (Huai) Achyranthes Root Moves Blood in the Lower Body
Qiang Huo Notopterygium Relieves Surface, Dispels Cold
Qin Jiao Gentiana Macrophylla Root Lubricates Sinews, Expels Damp 
Shu Di Huang Rehmannia (Cooked) Tonifies Blood and YIN
Wei Ling Xian Chinese Clematis Root

Lubricates Sinews, Expels Damp 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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