Lo Han Kuo ZHI-KE-LU 羅漢果止咳露 Cough Syrup

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Lo Han Kuo (Guo) or LOHANKUO Zhi-Ke-Lu Cough Syrup

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LO HAN GUO Syrup for Common Colds with Productive Cough

A Popular and well-known herbal supplement for health of the lungs and throat. Sweet tasting syrup is suitable for children or adults. According to TCM, LO HAN GUO (Momordica fruit) resolves phlegm. May also be used to reduce fever.


Momordica Fruit Lo Han Guo
Fritillaria Bulb Chuan Bei Mu
Solomon's Seal Rhizome Yu Zhu
Apricot Seed
Xing Ren
Glehnia Rhizome Bei Sha Shen

 Other Ingredients: Cane-sugar, Water


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