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Purpose of WU LING SAN

Internal Dampness can provoke many disorders.  Like most living things, microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungus in particular, prefer damp conditions.  Water attracts life, for better or for worse.  That's why you'll find a great variety of life in the wet jungle, but a scarcity of living things in the dry desert.  

That's also why, when faced with intractable bacterial or fungal attacks that overwhelm our antibodies, antibiotics or anti fungal agents, we may suspect that excessive dampness is the cause. In these cases we must Drain Dampness in addition to, Clearing Heat (reduce inflammation or infection). 

Drain Dampness aka WU LING SAN is an old formula to reduce excessive moisture inside the body.   WU LING SAN (Five Ling Powder) contains 5 diuretic herbs to leech water from the tissues and expel this moisture through the urine.

Four of the herbs, FU LING, ZE XIE, GUI ZHI, and ZHU LING, promote the flow of water, and, except for GUI ZHI (cinnamon twigs) are classified as mild diuretics.  GUI ZHI is classified as a warm, surface reliving herb. Its diuretic action is considered a secondary property. Two of the herbs, FU LING, and BAI ZHU also tonify the Spleen.  This is necessary, because Spleen Vacuity (weak digestion) causes water and mucous to accumulate in the lungs and stomach, and can also manifest as edema or swelling in the extremities.

This formula may be useful in cases where a Deficiency of Heart QI or Heart YANG allows water to collect in the lungs.


When to Use Drain Dampness, and
When to Not Use Drain Dampness 

Drain Dampness Uses 

  • Promotes Urination
  • Leeches Dampness From the Tissue
  • Reduces Swelling

Drain Dampness Safety and Cautions 

CAUTION WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT WITH PHARMACEUTICAL DIURETICS, as it could magnify the effect of the drug. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their health care provider before taking any supplement.

Formulas are intended for health care professionals or for those knowledgeable of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
TCM is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't usually recommended. Best to Online E-Mail Consultation .

 Drain Dampness Ingredients

Bai Zhu Atractylodes (Alba) Tonifies Spleen QI, Dries Damp
Fu Ling Poria Drains Damp, Tonifies Spleen QI
Gui Zhi  Cinnamon Twigs Relieves the Surface, Warms the Channels, Diuretic
Ze Xie Alisma Moves Water, Drains Damp
Zhu Ling Polyporus Moves Water, Drains Damp

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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