Dr. Shir's Liniment | Spring Wind Herbs

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Dr. Shir's Liniment

Used for generations, Dr. Shir's Liniment was created by the late great Dr. Shi Neng-Yun. An alcohol based topical, it is used for painful joints, tendons, and ligaments where massage is painful and thus not recommended. Great for any injury where the skin is not broken.  

Do not use on open sores or broken skin

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, Mastic, Myrrh, Drynaria, Turmeric, Asarum, Tangkuei, Zedoaria, Citrus peel, Rhubarb, Sichuan aconite, Aconite, Safflower,  Pinellia, Rehmannia, Gardenia and Camphor



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