Dr. Shen's Sinus Pills

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Dr. Shen's Sinus & Nose Pills (Pe Min Kan Wan)

Xanthium and Magnolia Formula. Unblocks nose and sinus. Best for allergic rhinitis. When used for sinus-related head cold, combine with Dr. Shen's Gan Mao Ling Pills.

Dr. Shen's Sinus Pills are considered by many to be more effective than similar products imported from China, because Dr. Shen uses A-Quality export grade herbs, rather than the B and C Grade herbs, normally used to make pills in China. Herbs are always imported whole, rather than as powder, so the herbs can be identified as being the correct species and grade. Each batch of raw materials is tested in the USA. Dr. Shen's Sinus Pills are then coated with a thin vegetable glaze (made from potatoes) for easy swallowing.

Dr Shen's Sinus & Nose Pills

  • Dry Nasal Dampness
  • Support Normal Sinus And Nasal Health
  • Are a Xanthium Based Formula
  • Doesn't Cause Drowsiness
  • Safe to take with any pharmaceutical drug
  • Are Made In USA


Safety, Cautions and Contra-Indications

Do Not Use During Pregnancy.

TCM is potent, but it can also be complex.  For long term chronic or serious conditions, self diagnosis and treatment are not recommended.  Best to find a nearby practitioner. Or, you may purchase an on-line consultation now at online-herbal-consultation


Doses & Directions

3-6 tablets at a time, three times a day, or as prescribed by your health care provider.

For best results, take most Chinese herbal pills on an empty stomach with warm water. Allow half an hour before taking food or other supplements.


Dr. Shen's Sinus Pills Ingredients

Angelica Root (BAI ZHI)
Magnolia (XIN YE HUA)
Patchouli Plant (HUO XIANG)
Kudzu Root (GE GEN)
Chrysanthemum Flower (JU HUA)
Szechuan Lovage Root (CHUAN XIONG)
Liquidambar Fruit (LU LU TONG)
Cocklebur Fruit (CANG ER ZI)


* These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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