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BO JEN MI Tea 保健美茶 Bojenmi

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BO JEN MI tea for Diet

- Chinese Herbs for supporting Weight Loss *

When to Use BO JEN MI Tea, and
When Not to Use BO JEN MI Tea

BO JEN MI, means"maintaining health and appearance", and is a famous weight loss product. Now it's available in easy to use tea bags. BO JEN MI is 50% green tea, an herb believed to help lower blood lipids.

Other BO JEN MI ingredients:

  1. crataegus (SHAN ZHA) hawthorne berry
  2. hordeium (MAI YA) barley sprout
  3. *pharbitis (QIAN NIU ZI) morning glory seed*
  4. pogostemon (HUO XIANG) patchouli
  5. hoelen (FU LING) tuckahoe mushroom
  6. citrus (CHEN PI)  aged orange or other citrus peel
  7. alisma (ZE XIE) water plantain rhizome
  8. cassia (JUE MING ZI) cassia seed
  9. phaseolus (CHI XIAO DOU) aduki bean
  10. massa fermentum (SHEN QU) medicated leaven
  11. raphanus (LAI FU ZI) radish seed

 These herbs enhance digestion, remove food stagnation, resolve accumulations, and drain fluids. The combination of malt, shen-chu, crataegus, and raphanus was shown to alleviate abdominal distention, intestinal gurgling, eructation (belching), acid regurgitation, and intestinal cramping.

BO JEN MI Safety Cautions and Contraindictions

Do not use during pregnancy.
Green Tea contains caffeine.
Two ingredients, SHEN QU, and MAI YA, could contain small amounts of Gluten.

Note: Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't usually recommended. Best to purchase an online-herbal-consultation here and now.


The recommended dosage of BOJENMI green tea is 

1-3 teabags a day



BO JEN MI TEA has a mild taste.  If desired, a small amount of sweetener can be added.

BO JEN MI is said to dissolve excess fats in the blood.  Interestingly, some Chinese restaurants use the leftover tea to dissolve greasy spills. 

BO JEN MI is derived from an old formula BAO HE WAN (maintain harmony pill),  long used to relieve food stagnation, caused by overeating.  Stomach Curing Pills, the amazing and famous remedy for food stagnation, nausea, and indigestion, is also derived from BAO HE WAN


*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.