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OPEN for ACUPUNCTURE - Call (510) 848-4372 for an appointment
OPEN for ACUPUNCTURE - Call (510) 848-4372 for an appointment


Chinese Herb Resources and Links


Schools of Oriental Medicine & Chinese Medicine

Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences 1601 Clay Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: (510) 763-7787

Academy of Oriental Medicine (AOMA)
2700 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 512
Austin, TX 78757
Tel: (512) 454-1188

World Medicine Institute (Institute of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine)
Mailing Address: PO Box 11130
Honolulu, HI 96828
Physical address: 1073 Hind Iuka Drive
Honolulu, HI 96821
(808) 373-2849

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley
2550 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 666-8248 x106

American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
1925 West County Road B2 Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 631-0204

American College of Acupuncture
9100 Park West Drive Houston, TX 77063
Telephone: (800) 729-4456, (713) 780-9777

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
455 Arkansas Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: (415) 282-7600

Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine
100 E. Broward Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
Tel: (954) 763-9840

Bastyr University
14500 Juanita Drive NE
Bothell, Washington 98011
Tel: (425) 823-1300

Chinese Healing Arts Center
73-3 Great Plains Rd.
Danbury, CT 06811
Phone: (203) 748-8107

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
1441 York Street, Suite 202
Denver, CO 80206
Tel: (303) 329-6355

Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
1807 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200,
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Tel: (310) 453-8300
Fax: (310) 829-3838

Five Branches Institute
200 7th Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Tel: (408) 476-9424

Florida Health Academy
261 Ninth St. S.
Naples, Fl 34102
Tel: (941) 495-8282 or (941) 263-9391

Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
5335 66th St. North
St. Petersburg, FL 33709

Florida School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
1705 NW 6th Street
Gainesville, Florida 32609
Tel: (352) 371-2833

Green Mountain Institute of Acupuncture
and Holistic Medicine
P. O. Box 4547
White River Junction, Vt. 05001
(802) 295-2603

Institute of Chinese Medicine
2507 Ennalls Avenue. Suite 203
Wheaton, Maryland 20902
(301) 929-68-55

Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
100 N Beretania St # 203B
Honolulu, Hawaii 6817-4709
Tel/Fax : (808) 521-2288

International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver
Suite 201, 1508 W. Broadway,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6J 1W8
Telephone (604) 731-2926

Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine
207 Dale Adams Road
Sugar Grove NC 28679

South Baylo University
1126 North Brookhurst Street
Anaheim, CA 92801
Tel: (714) 533-1495 Ext. 222

London College of Traditional Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
90 Kingsway
London N12 0EX, United Kingdom
Tel: 020-8446-3332

Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
4641 Montgomery Ave., Suite 415,
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: (301) 718-7373

Mercy College
555 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Admissions: 1-800-MERCY NY

Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine
6226 Bankers Road, Suites 5 & 6
Racine, WI 53403
Tel: (414) 554-2010

4334 N. Hazel #206
Chicago, IL 60613
tel: 773-975-1295

Minnesota College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
at Northwestern Health Sciences University.
2501 W. 84th St., Bloomington, MN 55431
(952) 888-4777

National Institute of Oriental Medicine
7100 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, FL 32809,
Tel: (407) 888-8689

New Center College for Holistic
Health Education and Research
6801 Jericho Turnpike
Syoset, NY 11791-4465
Tel: (516) 364-0808

Ongiara College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
1198 Ridge Rd N
Ridgeway, Ontario
L0S 1N0 Canada

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
10525 SE Cherry Blossom Dr.
Portland, OR 97216
Tel: (503) 253-3443

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
7445 Mission Valley Rd. Suites 103-106,
San Diego, CA 92108, Tel: (619) 574-6909
Branch Campuses:
Chicago: 3646 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor,
Chicago, IL 60613
tel 888-729-4811 fax 773-477-4109

New York: Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine,
915 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10010
Tel: (212) 982-3456,

Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA)
P.O. Box 2659,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85252 .
Tel: (602) 274-1885

Rain Star University
4110 - 4130 N. Goldwater Blvd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Phone - 480-423-0375

Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute
PO Box 579
Hot Springs, Montana 59845
Tel.: 406-741-3811

Royal University of America
1125 West 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel: (213) 482-6646

Ruseto College
2900 Valmont Rd., E1
Boulder, CO 80301
Tel: (303) 449-1686

Samra University of Oriental Medicine
1730 W Olympic Blvd, 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
1919 State Street, Suite 204
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: (805) 898-1180

The Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts
8216 South Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34238
Tel: (941) 966-7117

Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine
916 NE 65th, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98115
Tel: (206) 517-4541

Southwest Acupuncture College
Santa Fe Campus
1622 Galisteo Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: 505.438.8884
Albuquerque Campus
7801 Academy, NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Phone: 505.888.8898
Boulder Campus
6620 Gunpark Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Phone: 303.581.9955

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine
& Health Sciences School of Acupuncture
2140 E. Broadway Road
Tempe, AZ 85282
tel: 602-858-9100

Texas Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
4005 Manchaca Road, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78704
Tel: (512) 444-8082

Third Coast Insitute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
2947 Walnut Hill Lane, #101
Dallas, TX 75229
Tel: 214-351-6464

Traditional Acupuncture Institute
American City Building
10227 Wincopin Circle, Suite 100
Columbia, MD 21044-3422
Tel: (301) 596-6006

Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii
Parker Ranch Office Center, Bldg. 3
P.O. Box 2288
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743
Phone/Fax: (808) 885-9226

Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
80 8th Ave., 4th Floor,
New York, NY 10011
Tel: (212) 496-7869

Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture
6175 NW 153rd Street, Suite 324
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
Tel: (305) 823-7270

YoSan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
1314 Second Street, Suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: (310) 917-2202

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