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TCM for Menopause


Forget about hormones, to understand our view of menopause you'll want to see things in terms of YIN and YANG.  

Chinese herbs for menopause provide no hormones, but instead, supplement the diminished YIN and YANG which underlie these hormonal imbalances.

YANG represents the body's activity and refers to our energy, movement, metabolism, and muscular activity. When YANG is deficient we feel tired, listless, weak, cold, and experience diminished sexual desire and activity.

YIN represents your body's fluids, including, blood, lymph, sweat, saliva, skin oils, hormones, and interstitial fluids. These fluids feed the cells and also carry away cell wastes. So we say that the YIN is both nourishing and cleansing. Since the circulation of these fluids also carries away heat, like water circulating in your car's engine, YIN fluids act like your cooling system. When YIN is deficient, fluids often can't clear the 'heat' generated by normal metabolic activity, hence hot flashes and night sweats.  This fluid deficiency is also experienced as dry or itchy skin, thirst, low hormone production, and vaginal dryness.


    Shen Clinic TCM advice

    Every menopausal syndrome (symptom pattern) can be different, but most are considered 'Deficiencies' and effect the systems known as the "Liver' and 'Kidneys'. Note that these patterns don't imply kidney or liver organ disease in any way.

    Some common patterns experienced during menopause, pre-menopause, and postmenopause are:

    • Liver Blood Depletion
    • Kidney and Liver YIN Deficiency
    • Kidney YANG Deficient
    • YIN Deficient Heat
    • Dryness from Blood Vacuity
    • YIN and Spleen Qi Deficiency
    • JING Exhaustion (premature aging)

    Fortunately there are many TCM formulas that address these varying symptom patterns. The following are among the most popular.  

      • Two Immortals Pills (ER XIAN WAN)
      • Great Yin Pill (DA BU YIN WAN)
      • Rehmannia Six Combination (LIU WEI DI HUANG WAN)
      • Rehmannia Eight Combination (ZHI BAI DI HUANG WAN)
      • Shou Wu Pills (HE SHOU WU PIAN)

    If you are experiencing menopausal discomforts, ask your practitioner which formulas are most appropriate for your particular pattern.


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