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Herbs for Malaria

Herbs for Malaria

Herbs for Malaria

Chinese Herbs for Malaria

In TCM, malaria is considered Pestilential Heat Attacking The Liver, and Spleen.

Scientists have discovered that the Chinese herb QING HAO (artemisia) or sweet wormwood), long used for malarial disorders in TCM, works better than currently used pharmaceutical antimalarials. To better profit from this herb, drug companies have produced a marketable extract called artemisinin.

Yet there is no evidence that artemisinin works any better than does cooking the whole herb or using a simple water extract of the herb. There is also no evidence that artemisia in any form works better taken alone than it does taken in combination with other herbs, as is often done in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Treatments containing this herb are now standard treatment worldwide for P. falciparum malaria.

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