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Herbs for the Heart

Herbs for the Heart

Chinese Herbs for the Heart

Heart YANG 

The functional activity of pumping the blood is called the Heart Yang. 

Heart Qi

One aspect of Heart Yang is Heart Qi, or heart energy. Think of the Heart Qi as the electricity powering the heart and causing it to contract.

Heart YIN 

The emotions sensed in our heart, are associated with the 'Shen', which is variously considered the spirit, the mind, or the Supreme Being.  Think of this as Heart Yin.

Heart Blood

One aspect of the Heart Yin is Heart Blood. Sufficient blood (and lubricating fluid) is needed for the Heart to function properly and for the Spirit to be at ease.

When the Spirit (Shen) is at ease in your heart, you are likely to feel grounded and centered.  "Restless Shen", on the other hand, can be experienced as irritability, anxiety, insomnia, or palpitations.


Heart Healthy Herbs

The following formulas are commonly used to address heart related issues:

Heart Yin and Blood
Good Sleep & No Worries Pill
Tian Wang Bu Shen Tang
Gui Pi Tang

Heart Yang and Qi
Good Heart Formula

Calms the Shen
Yang Xin Tang


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