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Flower Power. Herbs for Energy

Herbs for Energy

If you could see your energy, would your recognize yourself?

If you had a magical mirror that displayed the heat emanating from your body, the magnetic energy surrounding you, and the electricity coursing through your muscles and nervous system,  you might not recognize yourself.

But this vision isn't imaginary. It's how we actually are. Because, despite being invisible to our eyes, energy is very real. The fact is that we are all, in reality, glowing, flowing, vibrating, pulsating energetic beings. 

Chinese Medicine is all about our energy

We call this energy 'Qi' and though it can't be seen directly, it can be seen by its effects.  

  • Qi, creates motion.  Motion is evidence of Qi.
  • Qi creates heat. Heat.  Heat shows that Qi is present.
  • Qi flows, moving the blood and all the fluids. 
  • Qi activates, making the muscles contract, the heart beat, and the glands secrete.
  • Qi regulates every cell.

Chinese medicine has long understood that a key to good health is the normal flow of Qi.  If Qi is abundant and flowing, your body is healthy.  If Qi is weak, excessive, or misdirected, you will have a problem.

The effect of energy on our health, seems so obvious an idea, it's hard to understand how Western medicine has missed this point for so long.


Some Common Formulas for Energy

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