Zhu Dan Tablets, Seven Forests || Zhu Dan Powder, Shen Clinic

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ZHU DAN Tablets / 7 Forests 

700 mg tablets

ZHU DAN Powder / Shen Clinic 

50 grams concentrated granules (dissolves in water)


  • purges gallbladder
  • clears damp-heat
  • resolves phlegm
  • difficulty digesting fats
  • skin rashes
  • itching or allergies
  • phlegm accumulation

Combining ZHU DAN 

Cyperus 18 for rib pain or distention
Lysimachia 3 for gallstones
Rhubarb 17 for stubborn constipation
Bupleurum 12 for Liver Qi Stagnation
Pinellia 16 for excess phlegm
Kochia 13 for itching 
Zaocys Tablets or Xanthium 12 for rashes

ZHU DAN Tablets contain

700 mg  100 tablets. (70 grams)

ZHU DAN Concentrated Powder

50 grams (5:1 concentrate)

Practitioner Notes

Zhu Dan Tablets is based on patent medicines such as Lidan Pian, Lidan Paishi Pian, and Jigucao Wan, used for liver and gallbladder issues

These formulas are said to reduce inflammation and promote the flow of bile.

Zhu dan (pig’s gallbladder), provides bile salts that act like naturally secreted bile, and also stimulates the body’s production of bile, helping to clear the biliary system. 

ZHU DAN Tablets Ingredients

Fel Suis Scrofae or Atractylodes Rubra, Lysimachia,  Scute, Fritillaria, Mother of pearl, Salvia (ext), Capillaris, Smilax, Pinellia, Curcuma, Saussurea, Chih shih, Citrus, Borneol Camphor

Pin Yin
zhu dan or cangzhu, jin qian cao, huang qin, zhe bei mu, zhen zhu mu, danshen, yinchen, tufuling, banxia, yujin, muxiang, zhishi, chenpi, bing pian


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