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Dr. Fung's Yin Chiao for Children

Don't be misled by the name. YIN CHAO Jr. is not at all like YIN CHIAO SAN the classic 18th century formula for the common cold. YIN CHAO Junior is a comprehensive formula, from Dr. Fung Fung, the noted Chinese herbologist and specialist in pediatric herbal medicine. This empirical formula is based on 60 years of clinical practice.  

YIN CHAO Jr. is much more inclusive than the original, containing 18 herbs, only three of which are present in the original YIN CHIAO SAN. These herbs perform many tasks such as clearing heat, cleaning toxins, harmonizing digestion, moistening the lungs, vitalizing the blood and tonifying the Qi.

Some practitioners might wonder if the size of the formula allows for a clinically effective dose of any given herb, however the product is aimed at children whose dosage requirements are usually small.

One great advantage of YIN CHAO Jr. is that it is a liquid rather than a pill.  This makes administering the herbs much simpler; as anyone who has tried to give medicine to a toddler will attest.

Another possible advantage is that YIN CHAO Jr. contains numerous herbs to aid digestion.  SHEN CHU, ZHI SHI, and ZI SU YE have been added to both address possible digestive symptoms like nausea or diarrhea, and also reduce phlegm originating with Spleen QI Deficiency.

A third advantage is that Dr. Fung's formula contains numerous herbs to stop cough and resolve both hot and cold phlegm.  Children's colds are often full of mucous.  This is not addressed in the original formula.

How Much YIN CHAO Jr. to Take: Dosage and Administration

One fluid ounce of YIN CHIAO Jr. yields about 29 servings.

What's In Yin Chao JUNIOR: Yin Chao Jr.'s Ingredients

  1. Forsythia LIAN QIAO
  2. Morus leaf SANG YE
  3. Shen-chu SHEN QU
  4. Dendrobium SHI HU
  5. Fritillaria ZHE BEI MU
  6. Platycodon JIE GENG
  7. Eriobotrya PI PA YE
  8. Microcos PO BU YE
  9. Pu Er Tea PU ER CHA
  10. Trichosanthis Peel GUA LOU PI
  11. Pinellia BAN XIA
  12. Chrysanthemum JU HUA
  13. Mentha BO HE
  14. Peucedanum QIAN HU
  15. Immature Aurantium ZHI SHI
  16. Gardenia ZHI ZI
  17. Eupatorium PEI LAN
  18. Perilla Leaf ZI SU YE

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