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OPEN for ACUPUNCTURE - Call (510) 848-4372 for an appointment
OPEN for ACUPUNCTURE - Call (510) 848-4372 for an appointment


XIN JIA HUANG LONG TANG 新加黃龍湯 - Newly-Augmented Yellow Dragon

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XIN JIA HUANG LONG TANG Uses and Indications

  • Nourishes the YIN
  • Aeguments the QI
  • Purging Heat
  • Inducing bowel movements
  • Softening masses
  • Moistening dryness


Sheng Di Huang foxglove root 20
Xuan Shen ningpo figwort root 20
Da Huang rhubarb root and rhizome 10
Mang Xiao epsom salts 5
Dang Shen codonopsis root 5
Gan Cao licorice root 5
Dang Gui Chinese angelica root 5
Mai Men Dong ophiopogon tuber 10
Xian Mao,* curculinginus rhizome 20
 (instead of endangered Hai Shen)*

* For a version of this formula using Ginseng (REN SHEN) instead of, Codonopsis (DANG SHEN), or to customize any formula, call your order to (510) 848-4372

** These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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