Wen Fei Tang (温肺汤)

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Warm The Lung Decoction

Generally used for Nasal congestion, allergic sinusitis, rhinitis
Actions Warms and boosts Lungs, disperses wind-cold
Sx itchy throat, wheezing, sneezing, cough, watery or white sputum, body aches, no thirst, headache, dyspnea, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, occ. chills and fever, low energy, apathy, catches colds easily, intolerance of cold, nasal discharge, neck stiffness, paleness
TCM Dx Lung Qi Deficiency with acute Cold Accumulation


Shen Clinic TCM Advice

Wen Fei Tang Ingredients

Huang Qi
Ge Gen
Qiang Huo
Fang Feng
Saposhnikoviae 12
Zi Su Ye
Perillae 12
Cong Bai
Allii Fistulosi
Sheng Ma
Ding Xiang
Caryophylli 5
Gan Cao Glycyrrhizae 4

Safety and Side Effects of Wen Fei Tang 

Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't recommended for chronic, recurring, long term, or serious conditions. To ensure the best outcome for yourself and minimize the cost and chance of side effects, you are urged to find a local TCM practitioner or Start an E-mail Consultation here and now.


How to Dose and Administer Wen Fei Tang

Granules: 2-4 grams, taken 2-3 times a day, best on an empty stomach. Or as prescribed by your practitioner.

Whole Herbs: Using a container made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel (no aluminum, iron or copper) boil 1 packet of herbs in 2-quarts of water or until 2 cups of medicine remain. Strain herbs; save and refrigerate for a second boiling. Drink 1 cup in the AM. And 1 cup in the PM. If desired, repeat the following day, using the saved herbs from the refrigerator.  Or as prescribed by your practitioner.

Pills: Not available at this time.

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