Taoist Seven Seed Powder

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Taoist Seven Seed Powder

also known as:  Life Wheel Combination Tea

  • address erectile dysfunction
  • enhance sexual performance

Seven Seed Powder Indredients:

a proprietary blend of:

  1. Cuscuta Seed (TU SU ZI) - 20%
  2. Lycium Seed, (GOU QI ZI) - 20%
  3. Schizandra Seed, (WU WEI ZI) - 20%
  4. Plantago Seed, (CHE QIAN ZI) - 10%
  5. Zeltinum (Lotus) Seed, (LIAN ZI) - 10%
  6. Elettaria (Cardamom) Seed, (SHA REN) - 10%
  7. Rubus (Raspberry) Seed.(FU PEN ZI) - 10 %


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