SHAN ZHU YU / Cornus / Whole Herb or Granules

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Cornus - SHAN ZHU YU - Whole Herb or granules

What you need to know about SHAN ZHU YU.

Do not take this herb alone. SHAN ZHU YU is almost always used in formulas and hardly ever used alone.  It's one of the key ingredients in LIU WEI DI HUANG, the classic formula for increasing Liver and Kidney YIN and Blood. Taken alone, it's astringent properties could cause stagnation or constipation.  This effect is reduced or eliminated by mixing SHAN ZHU YU with other herbs, such as SHU DI HUANG or MAI MEN DONG which counter the constipating effect of the Corni.  

Nature of SHAN ZHU YU

Sour, slightly warming

SHAN ZHU YU Actions and Indication for Use

Strengthens Liver and Kidney YIN and Kidney YANG

Astringes essence and sweat, stops bleeding.

Besides its astringent properties, SHAN ZHU YU is mildly tonifying, strengthening both Liver and Kidney.  

Used for dizziness, lumbar soreness and tinnitus when due to liver and kidney yin deficiency, also for wet dreams, enuresis, and  frequent urination



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