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Schizandra Dreams from Health Concerns

Schizandra (WU WEI ZI) is a very versatile herb.  Among its many virtues is its ability to Calm the Spirit. Combining schizandra with other Chinese herbs that Nourish the Heart and Calm the Spirit and then adding the Western herb Valerian seems like an idea worth trying. Valerian has long been used to support good sleep. Take Shizandra Dreams at bedtime and later, if you are up at night.  Valerian can make you sleepy, so this may not be appropriate for daytime use.

Company: Health Concerns
Portion Size: 90Tablets
Portions per Bottle: 30
Tablets per Bottle: 90 Tablets
Cost per Serving: $0.67
Cost per Tablet: $0.22

Hybrid Formula Combines Chinese Herbs with Valerian for Better Sleep

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Schizandra Dreams Uses and Indications of When to Use It

  • Anxious or Nervous
  • Poor Sleep
  • Drug Withdrawal
  • Disturbing Dreams
  • Dream Disturbed Sleep

 TCM Uses and Properties

  • Nourishes The Heart
  • Calms The Spirit
  • Anchors The SHEN

    How much Schizandra Dreams to take

    2-3 tablets, 1 hour before sleeping. If you need more, take 1 or 2 additional tablets at bedtime and/or after waking up during the night.


    When NOT to use Schizandra Dreams: Safety Cautions and Contraindications

    Schizandra Dreams can make you drowsy, so don't drive or do anything that requires your full attention while using it. Do NOT Use it during pregnancy. Schizandra Dreams is intended for health care professionals or for those knowledgeable of Traditional Chinese Medicin

    Pregnant women are advised to consult with their health care providers before using any supplement. 

    This formula has been in use for less than 100 years, and may thus be considered experimental, as all the effects and side-effects may not yet be known or documented.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, when used properly, is powerful and reliable, but it can also be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't recommended for chronic, recurring, or serious illness. To insure the best outcome and minimize the chance of side effects, it's best to Find a Local Practitioner or Start an E-mail Consultation now.


    Schizandra Dreams Ingredients

    Hu Po  Amber
    Long Gu Fossilized Bone
    Mu Li Oyster Shell
    Wu Wei Zi Schizandra
    Xie Cao



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