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Rehmannia 8 - Health Concerns

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rehmannia 8 health concerns

The Rehmannia 8 herbal supplement is a slightly altered version of the very popular formula, JIN GUI SHEN QI WAN, also known as Golden Book Pill. The difference is that the Health Concerns product substitutes the herb DU ZHONG (eucommia) in place of the herb FU ZI (aconite) which is used in the traditional formula.  According to the manufacturer,  this substitution makes their Rehmannia 8 less warming and more strengthening to the tendons and bones than traditional Rehmannia 8.  It should be noted that FU ZI is also highly toxic if not properly prepared.  The herb could potentially be a liability for the manufacturer.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about energy.  The general word for energy is 'QI'.  There are countless kinds and qualities of QI.  If QI is abundant and flowing, we are well.  If QI is low, or if is not flowing properly, we are ill, or will soon become ill. According to TCM, aging is a depleting process.  As we age we normally become depleted in QI energy. Rehmannia 8 is used to replete Kidney YIN, Kidney YANG, and Liver YIN, three of the body's most important substances.

Rehmannia 8 is generally thought of as an extension of the notable formula LIU WEI DI HUANG (Rehmannia 6), however there is evidence that the Rehmannia 8 formula preceded the Rehmannia 6 formula.  In any case, these formulas are crucial to the practice of TCM.

Rehmannia 8: Uses and Indications of When to Use it

  • Wasting and Thirsting Syndrome
  • Persistent Low Back Pain Or Weakness
  • Ringing In The Ears
  • Blurred Vision
  • Supports Normal Prostate Function
  • Supports Normal Erectile Function
  • General Fatigue
  • Forgetfulness

Rehmannia Eight's TCM Uses and Properties:

  • Tonifies Kidney Yin And Yang
  • Warms The Fire Gate
  • Strengthens The Lower Back
  • Strengthens the YIN fluids that lubricate the joints

    Rehmannia 8 Dosage

    2-3 capsules, 3x a day, best on an empty stomach, or as prescribed..


    Rehmannia 8 Safety Cautions or Contraindications: 

    Use cautiously in kidney YIN deficiency with heat signs, such as hot hands or feet, afternoon fevers, night sweats, etc.

    Chinese herbs can be very potent, and using them can be quite complex; Your health outcome may benefit from professional advice. Self diagnosis and treatment aren't recommended for difficult, chronic, or reoccurring conditions. Best to obtain an on-line OR TELEVISIT consultation and herbal prescription at Online-Herbal-Consultation.

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    Rehmannia 8 Ingredients

    shu di huang Rehmannia (cooked) root Tonifies Liver YIN, Liver Blood, & Kidney YIN
    fu ling Poria sclerotium Moves Water, Calms Spirit, Optimizes Digestion
    mu dan pi Moutan root bark Moves Blood, Clears Heat
    shan yao Dioscorea root Tonifies Spleen & Stomach, Nourishes Kidneys
    shan zhu yu Cornus fruit Astringes Kidney Essence
    ze xie Alisma rhizome Moves Water, Kidney Directional 
    du zhong Eucommia bark Tonifies Kidney YANG, Strengthens Sinews, 
    rou gui Cinnamon bark

    Warms the Kidneys, Fortifies YANG




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