QI YE LIAN 七葉蓮片 - Schieffler Extract

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Qi Ye Lian - Schieffler Root

Qi Ye Lian / Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pain

QI YE LIAN Tablets - 七葉蓮片 - Schefflera Arboricola Tablets by Plum Flower

TCM Functions:

Dispels Wind-Damp, Invigorates the Blood, Removes Blood Stasis, Opens the Channels and Collaterals

Standard Dosage:

3 tablets, 3 x per day


Schefflera arboricola stem, leaf (Qi Ye Lian)

Other Ingredients:
Dextrin, Hypromellose, Polyethylene glycol, Magnesium stearate

Label Warning:

Contraindicated during pregnancy. Use with caution during heavy menstrual bleeding. Use with caution in patients on anti-coagulant therapy. Contraindicated with hemorrhagic disorders. 




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