Photo-Graphics by Joel Harvey Schreck (Dr. Shen)

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b.1943,  New York City

In reviewing his 1969 photography show, photography critic A.D. Coleman called Joel Schreck a technical master. Fifty years later, Joel’s photo-graphics are more than masterful. They’re also visually arresting, fresh, provocative, and like nothing you’ve likely seen before.

In his youth, Joel studied painting with Polish artist Leo Cizes and later, during his teens, at New York’s Art Students League. 

In 1968, he showed at the Exposure Gallery, New York’s first photography gallery since Stieglitz’s An American Place of the 1930's. From 1968 – 1973 Exposure showed Joel’s work along with the work of many other well known photographers.

In 1970 he moved from Manhattan to Berkeley California, and began crafting pictures with pressed flowers. The UC Berkeley Art Museum sold Joel’s Oshibana and and so did scores of galleries throughout coastal California.

In the 1980s Joel evolved into Dr. Shen when he became an acupuncturist and well known Chinese herbalist.  He also discovered digital imaging, enabling him to to craft his inner landscapes in new and unimaginable ways.

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