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Herbs for Pets | Incontinence | Aging Formula

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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Dogs, Cats, and Horses



These Herbs can be used for Dog, Cat, Horse, or other Mammals


Causes of Incontinence According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to traditional Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys govern the Urinary System as well as the Reproductive System, Skeletal System, and Nervous System. Kidney Deficiencies could result in incontinence, weak urination, brittle bones, lethargy, and premature aging among other symptoms.  This particular formula is best for incontinence.  Other formulas are used for other signs of aging.

    PET Incontinence formula Ingredients

    Pharmaceutical Name
    Pin Yin Name
    Astragalus Seed Sha Yuan Zi
    Foxnut Qian Shi
    Lotus Stamen Lian Xu
    Fossilized Mammoth Teeth Long Gu
    Oyster Shell Mu Li
    Lotus Seed Lian Zi
    Rose Flower Jin Ying Zi
    Hb. Cynomorii Suo Yang
    Caltrop Fruit Bai Ji Li

    Pet Incontinence formula Dosage

    Dogs, Cats, Horses: Use 1 gram (scoop) for each 20 lbs of body weight. Mix with food or water.  Administer 1- 3 times a day

    Though most of these herbs are chosen for their safety and are not known to be harmful, it is always wise to begin with a small dose of .25 grams / pound in order to assess your own pet's reaction and gradually increase the dose until the therapeutic amount is reached.

    Pet Incontinence formula Safety

    Do not use for constipated pets. When taken as directed, this formula is generally regarded as safe for all creatures, however excessive use could cause or aggravate constipation.


    Choose Small, Medium, or Large Pet Powder: 50g Pet Incontinence Powder (Medicines Cannot Be Resold and are Not Refundable)