Pearl Pai Feng Pill 珍珠白風丸 Zhen Zhu Bai Feng Wan

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aka Superior White Pheonix Pills

Patent Medicine for Complexion and Menstrual support

This pill is a tonic for QI and blood which supports a healthy cycle for women and promotes healthy skin.

Pai Feng Wan has long been used in China to provide support for female menstrual cycle and to maintain a healthy female reproductive system. It also is believed to be helpful for blood circulation. Powdered pearl is added to this traditional formula to promote healthy skin.

suggested dosage:

6 pills-3x /day (60 pills /bottle)


Pearl Pai Feng Wan Ingredients:

  • Radix Ginseng (Ren Shen)
  • Radix Rehmanniae (Shu Di Huang)
  • Rhizoma Corydalis (Yan Hu Suo)
  • Radix Paeoniae Alba (Bai Shao)
  • Radix Dipsaci (Xu Duan)
  • Herba Leonuri (Yi Mu Cao)
  • Rhizoma Cyperi (Xiang Fu)
  • Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui)
  • Rhizoma Ligustici Walllchi (Gao Ben)
  • Pearl (Zhen Zhu)


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