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Otolith Tablets - Seven Forests

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Otolith Tablets is designed for spasms, convulsions, paralysis, and other signs of internal wind with phlegm-damp excess affecting the head and brain.

Otolith is found in the head of certain fish. It is thought to direct herb activity the brain. Otolith tablets contain herbs that calm rising yang excess and extinguish internal wind. The formula subdues liver yang rising which can cause dampness to rise and accumulate in the head and sinuses.

Otolith tablets may resolve lumps, swellings, and other accumulations. These accumulations could include masses, oral swellings, sinus congestion, tinnitus, or lipomas.

Otolith Tablet Ingredients 

  • Yu Nao Shi (otolith) 10%
  • Dan Nan Xing (arisaema) 10%
  • Che Qian Zi (plantago seed)10%
  • Shi Jue Ming (haliotis) 10%
  • Gou Teng (uncaria) 10%
  • Chi Shao (red peony) 10%
  • Shi Chang Pu (acorus) 10%
  • Xia Ku Cao (prunella) 10%
  • Bi Hu (pi-hu) 7%
  • Di Long (earthworm) 7%
  • Jiang Can (silkworm) 6%

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