Moxa Sticks - regular and smokeless

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When the body lacks heat, adding it is therapy.

Moxibustion is a heat treatment where acupuncture points are heated by burning compressed artemisia leaf on or near the acupuncture point.  When used in this way, the herb is known as "moxa".

Burning on the skin is called direct moxibustion.  This should only be done by a skilled practitioner.

Burning it near the skin called indirect moxibustion. Burning moxa attached to acupuncture needles is called warming needle technique.

Moxa sticks are like cigars which are burned close to the affected area (about an inch away). When the spot becomes too hot, the moxa stick is withdrawn, then after a moment, it is returned. This is repeated over and over until a sensation of deep heat penetration is obtained.

Generally, it's done for 5-20 minutes per session, 1-3 sessions per day. Just be careful to ventilate the smoke, careful of falling ashes, and careful to extinguish the stick (roll) by suffocating it in sand or salt or rice.

Smokeless moxa sticks are actually sticks of charcoal which make little smoke when burned. They are used when good ventilation is not available.



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