Mai Men Dong Tang - Ophiopogonis Formula

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Mai Men Dong Tang 

Ophiopogonis Formula

Mai Men Dong Tang's TCM Uses

Used in cases of coughing and spitting up profuse saliva. There could be wheezing or shortness of breath, with a dry mouth, a dry red tongue with little coating. In this syndrome, heat from deficient Stomach YIN rises and scorches the Lungs.  This is known as Lung Atrophy, but its cause is actually rebellious qi from the stomach.

  • Benefits the Stomach
  • Generates Fluids 
  • Makes Qi Decend
  • Harmonizes the Center
  • Cools Blazing Stomach Fire 
  • Moistens Stomach and Lung Yin 


Mai Men Dong Tang Ingredients

Mai Men Dong Rx. Ophiopogonis
Dang Shen Rx. Codonopsis 
Geng Mi Nonglutinous Rice 
Da Zao Fr. Jujube 
Gan Cao Rx. Glycyrrhizae 
Zhi Ban Xia Rz. Pinelliae Preparatum 


Mai Men Dong Tang Safety

  • Use caution with cough due to Wind-Cold or Heat. 
  • Contraindicated for those with Dampness.
  • Not used for high fever due to Exterior Wind-Heat.
  • Contraindicated for Deficiency Cold.

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