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Dragon Bone - LONG GU (Fossilized bones) / SEECT OPTION: Granules or Whole Herb

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LONG GU, Fossil Bone, High Quality

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"Dragon bone" is actually fossilized bone, usually mammoth bone, high in calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. Dragon bones are cooked and sometimes ground into a powder before being used. Dragon bone is used in combination with a number of herbs for different formulas.  Most often it is combined with MU LI (oyster shell)

LONG GU is sweet and neutral and is associated with the Heart, Kidney and Liver. Its chief uses are to calm the spirit (or shen),  and to astringe in order to prevent fluid loss.

Dragon bone is used to reduce stress and sedate the mind, supporting the treatment insomnia and mania. Because of its astringent properties, Dragon bone is often used to reduce excessive perspiration, clear night sweats and support the treatment of chronic diarrhea. 

Dragon Bone Dosage and Administration

LONG GU is usually used in combination with other herbs

Granules: 1-5 grams per day

Whole Herbs: 10-30 grams per day, used in a decoction with other herbs. The herb must be boiled because it is considered a mineral herb, it requires longer boiling.  Boil for 45 minutes to 1 hour before adding other herbs to the decoction.

Select option: 1 lb. LONG GU whole herbs