Ling Zhi - Ku Shen - Gan Cao [ ASHMI ]

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ling zhi-ku shen-gan cao

ling zhi- ku shen- gan cao (ASHMI)

In 2005, a press release from Decision News Media noted a study done at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York by Dr. Xiumin Li and Dr. Hugh Sampson stating that "An oral combination of three Chinese herbs could be as effective as conventional medicines at alleviating asthma symptoms but without such severe side effects".

The formula was labeled ASHMI (for Antiasthma Herbal Medicine Intervention Formula), and it consists of only 3 herbs: See  article . . . 

Ling Zhi - Ku Shen - Gan Cao San Ingredients (100 grams)

  • ling zhi (ganoderma lucidum) 55 g
  • ku shen (radix sophorae flavascentis), 35 g
  • gan cao (radix glycerrhizae), 10 g


Ling Zhi - Ku Shen - Gan Cao Dosage:

3 - 15 grams per day as prescribed





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