Li Dan Pian 利胆片 - Gallbladder Support

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Patent Medicine or Plum Flower Brand

Lysimachia & Bupleurum Combo

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Gallbladder Support Formula (Li Dan Pian) is designed as a gall bladder remedy for acute and/or chronic gallbladder inflammation, gallstones, infection of the bile duct, and overall maintenance of proper gallbladder function. Excellent in supplementing any treatment and to help prevent infections from reoccurring. It soothes the liver and increases bile secretion.

LI DAN PIAN TCM Functions and Uses

  • Diminishes inflammation
  • Relaxes the bowels
  • Drains fire
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Resolves damp heat in the liver and gallbladder
  • Clears damp-heat and toxic heat in the liver and gallbladder
  • Harmonizes the middle burner

LI DAN PIAN Ingredients

Huang Lian Coptis Rhizome
Jin Qian Cao Lysmachia
Jin Yin Hua Flos Lonicera
Yin Chen Hao Artemisia Capillaris
Chai Hu Bupleurum
 Zi Su Ye Perilla Leaf
Da Huang Chinese Rhubarb


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