JI CHUAN JIAN 濟川煎 - Benefit the River Formula

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Shen Clinic TCM Advice
Generally used for
  • Constipation
  • Constipation in the elderly
Formula Actions
  • Warms the Kidneys
  • Nourishes the Blood
  • Strengthens Jing
  • Moistens the Intestines
  • Unblocks the bowels
TCM Diagnosis
  • Constipation due to Kidney Yang Deficiency
  • Constipation during convalescence

Ingredients of JI CHUAN JIAN

Hb. Cistanches Rou Cong Rong 20%
Rx. Angelicae Sinensis Dang Gui 25
Rx. Achyranthis Bidentatae Niu Xi 20
Rz. Alismatis Ze Xie 10
Fr. Aurantii Zhi Ke 15
Rz. Cimicifugae Sheng Ma 10


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