HUO XUE TONG MAI PIAN 活血通脈片 - CircuFine™

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What's It Used For?  Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian Functions:

Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian (Huo Xue Tong Mai Wan, CircuFine™, 活血通脉片) is a modern Chinese herbal supplement by ActiveHerb, specifically formulated to support circulatory health.

In TCM, many of the signs associated with poor circulation are described as "blood stagnation". These signs include blue color of the nails and lips, cold limbs, even occasional tight chest. Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian is a general formula used to support the circulation of blood with its unique combination of ingredients.

Huo Xue Tong Mai Pian Ingredients:

Chinese salvia root & rhizome Salvia miltiorrhiza (Dan Shen)
Scrophularia root Scrophularia ningpoensis (Xuan Shen)
Shiny bugleweed aboveground parts Lycopus lucidus (Ze Lan)
Dong quai root Angelica sinensis (Dang Gui)
Sparganium rhizome Sparganium stoloniferum (San Leng)
Zedoary rhizome Curcuma zedoaria (E Zhu)
Peach seed Prunus persica (Tao Ren)
Turmeric root tuber Curcuma longa (Yu Jin)
Corydalis yanhusuo tuber Corydalis yanhusuo (Yan Hu Suo)
Tienchi ginseng root Panax notoginseng (San Qi)
Safflower flower Carthamus tinctorius (Hong Hua)

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