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Gastrodia Relieve Wind | Health Concerns

Health Concerns

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Gastrodia Relieve Wind / Health Concerns

About Gastrodia Relieve Wind

This herbal supplement is used for elevated Liver YANG, Liver Heat, and Liver Fire causing problems in the upper body which may include headache, dizziness, red eyes, neck and shoulder tension,  a sensation of heat rushing upward to the head, blurry vision, ear ringing, and difficulty staying asleep due to heat.  Liver Heat may lead to the movement of Internal Wind with symptoms of numbness, tics, and spasms in the extremities, or even Wind-stroke, and hemiplegia. 

Eucommia, the chief ingredient in Gastrodia Relieve Wind has been used as an adjunct to supplement pharmaceuticals in normalizing blood pressure.  

Gastrodia Relieve Wind's Uses and Indications for Use

  • Extinguish Internal Wind
  • Tonify Kidney YANG and YIN
  • One Sided Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Heat Rushing Upward To The Head
  • Blurry Vision
  • Ear Ringing
  • Poor Sleeping
  • Numbness, Twitching, Tics 
  • Soothes The Liver
  • Nourishes The Blood

Safety Cautions and Contraindications for Gastrodia Relieve Wind

Do Not Take When Pregnant or Nursing.  
Not Recommended for High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy.  
Consult with your health care provider before substituting Gastrodia Relieve Wind for your high blood pressure medicine.  May be best to take instead of a diuretic as an adjunct to high blood pressure remedies when a second medicine is needed

Chinese herbs can be very potent, but using them can be quite complex; Your health outcome may benefit from professional advice. Self diagnosis and treatment aren't recommended for difficult, chronic, or reoccurring conditions. Best to find a practitioner.  If you live in the USA, you can find a nearby TCM practitioner at AcupunctureAmerica.com  Or you may obtain an on-line consultation and herbal prescription at Online-Herbal-Consultation.

Gastrodia Relieve Wind Dosage

3 to 5 tablets, three times a day, best on an empty stomach 
90 tablets, 750 mg

Gastrodia Relieve Wind Ingredients

Du Zhong Eucommia Tonify YANG, Lowers BP.
Fu Shen Poria (Fu Shen) Calms the Spirit
Gou Teng Gambir Extinguishes Wind
Huang Qin Scutellaria Clears Heat, Dries Damp in Upper Body
Niu Xi (S) Cyathula Directs Formula Action Downward
Sang Ji Sheng Loranthus Tonifies YIN and YANG of the Kidney
Shi Jue Ming Haliotis Extinguishes Wind
Tian Ma Gastrodia Directs Formula Action Downward
Ye Jiao Teng  Fallopia multiflora Vine Calms the Spirit, Vitalizes Blood
Yi Mu Cao Leonurus Vitalizes Blood
Zhi Zi (Shan)



Clears Heat, Purges Fire

*These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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