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Free and Easy Pills 逍遥丸 Xiao Yao San - Dr. Shen's

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also as known as Rambling Powder

200 tablets

The name is derived from an ancient book of poetry, meaning literally, to wander without a destination, a wholly present state of mind.

Even though  it was developed in the Song Dynasty, almost 875 years ago, XIAO YAO SAN's modern applications are amazing and fascinating. It has always been one of the most often prescribed Chinese medicines in the Western world.

The chief herb is CHAI HU, bupleurum root, intended to 'open the chest', releasing constraint in our chest caused by our physical reactions to 'stress'

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Not All Free & Easy Pills Are Alike

Only Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills are tableted and tested in the USA using the highest grade of whole herbs

Never any drugs, dyes, endangered or protected species

Dr. Shen's Free & Easy Pills Ingredients

proprietary percentages of:

  1. CHAI HU, Bupleurum root
  2. BAI SHAO, White Peony root
  3. DANG GUI, Angelica sinensis root
  4. BAI ZHU, Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome
  5. FU LING, Poria cocos fungus
  6. SHENG JIANG, Fresh Ginger rhizome
  7. GAN CAO, Licorice root
  8. BO HE, Mint leaf and flower


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