Feng Shih Hsiao Tung Wan 风湿消痛丸

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aka Feng Shi Xiao Tong Wan

Authentic Chinese Patent Medicine

Use to support the muscles, joints, and tendons. Dries dampness and wind-damp, vitalizes circulation of QI and Blood, benefits the Liver, tendons and bones. Use for chronic low back pain, sciatica, or joint pain. Especially useful when pain is exacerbated by windy, cold, or damp weather conditions. Used for RA or for difficulty walking due to joint pain and stiffness. Insert advises against eating pig's liver, mutton, or sweet potatoes while taking this product.

TCM functions and Indications for use:

  • Expels Wind-Cold and Wind-Damp
  • Vitalizes Blood
  • Reduces Pain
  • Treats Bi-Syndrome due to Wind-Cold, and Wind-Damp.
  • Cold extremities, joint pain, stiff joints, red or swollen joints.

Feng Shih Hsiao Tung Wan, Dosage

10 pills 2X a day, preferably on an empty stomach

Ingredients in Feng Shih Hsiao Tung Wan

  1. CHOU WU TONG (clerodendron) - 70%
  2. XI XIAO CAO (siegesbeckia)- 30%

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