DI HUANG YIN ZI or Dihuang Yinzi 地黄飲子 - Rehmannia Formula

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DI HUANG YIN ZI Uses and Indications for When to Use

  • Enriches Kidney Yin
  • Tonifies Kidney Yang
  • Resolves Phlegm
  • Opens the Orifices

DI HUANG YIN ZI Safety Cautions and Contraindications

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their health care provider before taking any supplement.

DI HUANG YIN ZI is intended for health care professionals or for those knowledgeable of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM is powerful and reliable, but it can be complex. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment aren't usually recommended.
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Granules: 2-4 grams, taken 2-3 times a day, best on an empty stomach, or as prescribed

Whole Herbs: Using a container made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel (no aluminum, iron or copper) boil 1 packet (50 grams) of herbs in 2-3 quarts of water for about 30 minutes, or until 2 cups of medicine remain. Strain herbs; save and refrigerate for a second boiling. Drink 1 cup in the AM. And 1 cup in the PM. If desired, repeat the following day, using the saved herbs from the refrigerator.

DI HUANG YIN ZI Ingredients

  1. SHU DI HUANG 9%
  2. SHAN ZHU YU  9%
  3. ROU CONG RONG 10%
  4. BAI JI TAN 10%
  5. FU ZI 9%
  6. ROU GUI 9%
  7. SHI HU 9%
  8. MAI MEN DONG 5%
  9. SHI CHANG PU 5%
  10. YUAN ZHI 5%
  11. FU LING 10%
  12. WU WEI ZI 10%

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