Astragalus 10+ | Seven Forests

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astragalus 10+

Astragalus 10+ | Seven Forests

The chief herbs in this formula  are astragalus (HUANG QI), ganoderma (REI SHI), and eleuthero CI WU JIA. Each of these herbs have been studied for their immunological effects and for improving cardiovascular and circulatory conditions.


huangqi Astragalus 15%
ciwujia Eleuthero 15%
lingzhi Ganoderma 10%
maimendong Ophiopogon 10%
nüzhenzi Ligustrum 10%
heshouwu Ho-shou-wu 7%
roucongrong Cistanche 6%
baizhu Atractylodes 6%
gancao Licorice 6%
renshen Ginseng 5%
wuweizi Schizandra 5%
sangshen Morus fruit 5%






Astragalus 10+ is designed to benefit the immune system compromised by chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, infectious agents, and other stresses. The herbs in this formula have been demonstrated to enhance immune functions.

This formula should be initially taken in large doses of 5 or more tablets at a time until immune function is improved. The dosage can later be reduced. Concentrated extracts of astragalus and eleuthero have been added to boost the amounts of these ingredients. 


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