Agarikon Mushroom Powder / Medicinal Mushroom

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AGARIKON Mushroom Powder


AGARIKON mushroom powder


"Agarikon mushrooms are native to North American old growth forests, where they have and continue to associate with Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Hemlock trees. They produce striped columnar conks, which often hang from branches like bird houses. Agarikon has centuries of traditional uses-- lauded as the elixir of long life by Dioscorides, and carved into talismans to guard the graves of shamans by Pacific Northwest Native Americans. Today, research is uncovering modern applications for this ancient remedy, including strong immune system support during flu season. 

These mushrooms are grown organically in the United States on myceliated brown rice hulls. This is an activated mycelium  preparation made without the use of excipients, granulating agents, or fillers. For this mushroom, the mycelium, over the fruiting body, is the strongest medicine. This product is just powdered mycelial goodness. 

Consider using this product as a food as well as a supplement. Mix into eggs for an omelet, add to stock or soups, combine with mashed beans for veggie burgers, or enjoy sprinkled over french fries or salads. The applications and possibilities for support are endless. This is a full spectrum delicious and earthy powder that we love stirred into hot water or whipped up with steamed milk as a coffee substitute.

Domestic mushrooms only, with no fillers!

We are proud to work with a first-class medicinal mushroom farm and processor to provide potent mushroom powders to our customers. These mushrooms are grown from spore to harvest, under rigorous protocol and healing intention on a Certified Organic farm and laboratory using an organic brown rice substrate. The powders contain activated mycelium, fruiting body, and sclerotium preparations.

 Exemplifying our mission of merging traditional insight with modern technique, all of our mushrooms are steam-activated.  Mushrooms require processing to be digestible by humans, since they are rich in chitin, a tough molecule used for protection by the animal and fungal kingdoms. Traditionally cooked for long periods of time, we do that for you so you can easily include these powerful remedies into your diet. The steam-activation process uses water to unlock the medicinal constituents associated with mushrooms, including 1-3 beta glucans, which are polysaccharides that support overall well being and a strong immune system.

 While some processing is necessary, we feel that the use of solvents, excipients and granulating agents sacrifices the perfect medicine mushrooms naturally provide.  You will never find fillers, solvents, sulfating agents or preservatives of any kind in our mushroom powders, which are third party tested for purity. Only water is used for the steam-activation. Furthermore, these are full spectrum products. More and more scientific research indicates the power of the whole plant over isolated constituents. Our full spectrum powders harness the power inherent in nature.

 We have experienced the effect of these medicines first hand. Adopted by many of our clinicians, these mushrooms have made it in the hands of patients whose vitality and health remain strong. Our own pharmacy and retail customers continue to venture back to our store, trying new varieties or investing more in their favorites. Our confidence is not only in the integrity of their manufacture, but also in their demonstrated ability to help people achieve their health goals.

 Always grown organically in the United States, and made bioavailable through our special, non-invasive steam process, these are some of the highest quality mushroom powders available."

Suggested Use: 1 tsp twice daily, or as directed. Try adding to hot water, hot chocolate, or smoothies. Sprinkle on food as a condiment.


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