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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Massage and Bodywork

Acupressure Massage: Touch the Body, Move the Qi

Massage was a precursor of acupuncture as the ancients learned to make the qi respond to touch and to the qi of the practitioner. Through millennia of massage and observation, the pathways were discovered, and so were many of the acupuncture points.

Acupressure and Massage points

Asian massage promotes the movement of QI and Blood. TUI NA, shiatsu and other massage techniques are used for healing and to prevent illness as well as for pleasure.

Like yin and yang, Asian massage should be hard and soft, fast and slow, pleasurable yet slightly painful. Acupuncture points and channels are stimulated to promote flow. Limbs are stretched and pulled. Sometimes the torso is gently twisted. You won't fall asleep getting shiatsu or TUI NA. You will feel thoroughly massaged.

Acupressure has many medical uses; to cure insomnia, to heal injuries, to induce labor and many others. To be medically significant, acupressure should be done daily.