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Shen Clinic Vaccination Policy


Acupuncture Opens, but Shen Clinic is still closed to retail traffic. 

We are now seeing vaccinated patients for acupuncture, however we remain closed for retail traffic.  Please purchase products and formulas by going online to, or emailing  Questions should be directed to  You can call us at 510-848-4372 for other matters.

As Shen Clinic reopens for full service acupuncture, beginning June 15th 2021, all acupuncture and massage patients as well as staff must be vaccinated against Covid 19. 

This is to insure the utmost in safety for our staff and clientele. The policy will remain in effect until we judge it to be no longer necessary.

Clients who choose to remain unvaccinated will be given referrals to other acupuncturists. At the moment, Rodney Artiles, our acupuncturist, for personal reasons, remains unvaccinated. 

If you have been seeing Rodney, you will be able to continue seeing him for herbal consultations and prescriptions but he will not be be performing acupuncture or be on site at the clinic.  For the time being, Joel Harvey, Shen Clinic's founder and supervising practitioner, will perform all the acupuncture.  Rodney will stay on as our chief herbalist and will remain available for Televisits and E-Mail consults.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to write to either or