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Acupuncture Awakens From the Corona Virus Pandemic

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Beginning Monday, June 29th

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New Safety Precautions for Everyone's Comfort

Starting July 1st we will be accepted patients again on a limited basis for acupuncture treatments.  To facilitate cleaning protocols, no more than 4 appointments will be scheduled per day.

All intake and prescreening will be done via televisits prior to your visit. 

On arrival your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer, and hand sanitizer will be applied prior to entering the building.  Patients will enter through a seperate door at the top of the ramp and thus will only interact with their practitioner and not Shen Clinic staff in the Pharmacy.

All Patients and Staff will be wearing masks or shields before during and after treatment.  Practitioners also wears gloves and goggles or a face shield during the treatment.  

Practitioner contact is limited to a brief interaction of inserting and removing needles only. Verbal communication during treatments is kept to a minimum only for what is necessary during treatment. All questions post treatment will be handled via phone, email, or televisit.

All patients are asked to wear loose clothing that easily will clear elbows and knees.  If it is necessary to undress patients will be given disposable 1 use shorts or gowns to expose their legs or back. 

Treatment rooms will be heated but blankets will not be used. We suggest you bring a sweater or light covering that can be placed over any exposed areas.  Treatment Tables will be sanitized between uses and dressed with disposable paper.  A clean folded towel will be used as a head rest instead of pillows. Post treatment, the patient will dispose of their table paper and paper garments in a receptical that we will provide.

All treatment rooms are ventilated during and post treatment for minimum ½ hour and all treatment surfaces are disinfected with a hospital grade viral disinfectant.

If needed, our restroom will be available, and sanitized between users.  

Should you have any questions about our new protocols or would simply like to schedule a visit. Please call 510.848.4372 ext 2 and discuss with our staff.

Or you can make your own appointment here.